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Dec 19, 2012 5:00pm PST
and a single white rose. rivera and six others died this month when her learjet crashed in northern mexico. a private burial for rivera will be held separately. >>> the best way to get around san francisco, walking of course. this city is one of the most walkable in the country. no doubt. and the holidays bring visitors from all around the world. and today, mayor lee announced some plans for a new safety campaign to focus on hot spots, most dangerous to pedestrians. >> really doing a lot more enforcement strategically in all the area we need to with not only stops, not only enforcement and ticketing, but a serious effort to remind people that these are going to be spots where we are going to pay a lot more attention. >> this collaboration between police, public works, the health department expected to be finalized and implemented in early 2013. >> it's always a good day to walk around san francisco. but if you do it today, bring jackets, scarf, hat, sweater, anything to keep you warm. >> and if you do it after today you're going to need a jacket, an umbrella and you want a wind proo
Dec 6, 2012 5:00pm PST
lane is expected to survive in the hospital in carson city. her doctors says he is not sure how much longer she would have survived in the snow. [ woman crying ] >> gave her the biggest kiss that i could without hurting her. >> reporter: linda says it's a miracle her sister survived. paula lane spent 6 nights stranded in the elements surviving on snow and tomatoes. >> my sister may be little, but she's mighty. she's a survivor and she loves life. >> reporter: last thursday she and her boyfriend rod were on the way back to nevada from citrus heights. their jeep got stuck in the snow. rod left to find help but never returned. a day later paula went looking, too. >> it's been awful waiting all those days trying know if she made it or not. >> reporter: rod didn't survive. and time was running out for paula. last night, paula's family told her twin sons their mother may not be coming home. but shortly after that, her brother found paula in the snowy wilderness. >> when that call came from my brother, it was a miracle. >> reporter: incredibly, paula not only survived but is expected to ful
Dec 11, 2012 5:00pm PST
her front door yelling for help with flames coming out of her apartment. >> the apartment was completely gutted but no one was hurt. so far, no word on who may have done it or why. >>> a giant sinkhole in lafayette may have met its match. the city has hired a well-known emergency contractor to fill it in. we're live with mobile5 and ken bastida with a look at how long it's supposed to take. ken. >> reporter: well, i tell you, the ray they're going, it's not going to take long, at the rate they're going. this is mountain view drive. we'll show you a full-blown construction zone at this hour complete with night lighting, a couple of backhoes, dump trucks coming and going, all because the city of lafayette hired steven faulk, the city manager of lafayette, required, hired c.c. meyers, the guys who fixed the i-bars on the bay bridge, remember when the cables broke? they are also the ones that came in 25 days ahead of schedule on a couple of other projects, most notably the large fire that destroyed a portion of the macarthur maze and they are here it do this because according to f
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
gave her one that made sense. >> this is the known issue in about a dozen cities like chicago, new york, minneapolis, and because we don't know how to fix it, i'm closing your trouble ticket because i can't resolve it. >> it's outrageous that they're basically advertising a service that they're not giving to the consumer. >> reporter: attorney bill nussbaum says sprint is in violation of their contract with customers and says people like vicki should immediately file complaints with the fcc and the attorney general. he says she does have the right to sue sprint for breach of contract. but it could take time to get any results. vicki just wants out of her contract and to run the phone. >> i don't think i should have to pay for two phones that can't work on sprint's network on a known issue they can't fix. >> reporter: she says sprint won't let her out of her contract but called again late this afternoon to say they are considering compensation for her unusable data. sprint won't comment about how long they have known about the issue or how many people are affected. if you have a com
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4